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Miori Uchiha is a kunoichi and the sister of Mikoto Uchiha. She is the wife of Kōya Sarutobi and the mother of Yokohama, Yanagi, Tsurī and Sōmei Sarutobi.


Miori was born as the younger sister of Mikoto.

As a genin, she was in Team Kushana.

During the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox's Attack, Miori was giving birth to Minato Sarutobi and Kushina Sarutobi. Her best friend, Kanami Uzumaki who was a Jinchūriki connected with Miori's beast and helped soothe the beast.


Miori was a sweet and hardworking individual. She was very encouraging to her fellow students and she would make sure that they were healed if they got hurt; she did this because of what happened with Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, Fugaku Uchiha, and her sister.


Miori was a respected Jōnin and one of the best Senseis to have. She was very skilled with fire nature jutsu.


Miori was the creator of the Fire Needle Jutsu.